Kunst Als Strafe - Chandra Deep Field Resonance

listen to Kunst Als Strafe's new drone ambient track CHANDRA DEEP FIELD RESONANCE on soundcloud, watch the video on vimeo or download the track as mp3, ogg or flac.

Kunst Als Strafe on this recording are: nikolai arnold, johanna blackstone, gerrit haasler & goetz kleinhaus. feel free to contact everyone@kunstalsstrafe.net.

the cover picture is a detail of the painting 16-24-32 (acrylics on canvas) by goetz kleinhaus from the series Fine Structure Constant & Entropy In The Early Universe, photographed by kristine van essen.

Chandra Deep Field Resonance by Kunst Als Strafe is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Creative Commons License